Weaver by Katherine Arandez

Weaver (The Kervanian Chronicles #1)Weaver by Katherine Arandez

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Back in December, hidden among the piles of emails I had in my inbox, was a Tumblr question. I had no idea this was even there since I had about 1,000+ emails in my inbox that I was avoiding  reading because it had reached over 1,000+, but I took the time one day to actually go through each one and delete what I didn’t want. I’m glad I did because that’s when I found Katherine’s Tumblr question, asking if I could read and review the first book in her new series.

I quickly replied back, apologizing for not responding sooner, and said I would be happy to read her book, and I’ve very glad I did. So here is the review of Katherine Arandez’s Weaver.

Weaver is divided up in to two parts – the beginning introducing the three siblings that are central to the book, and what occurs a year later after their actions from the beginning. It’s a fantasy story that spans over several points in time and, literally, across space and time, to help end a war and bring together two civilizations that had been separated for several millennia.

While reading this, I felt the book was definitely an awkward first book for several reasons. This isn’t the author’s first book, but it’s her first book in a fantasy series. There are a lot of characters to introduce, a lot of setting to establish, and a lot of story to cover to set up the rest of the series.

The story starts off catching your attention right away and goes through the peaks and valleys of a lot of action scenes with connecting drama to move things along.  There were points I felt the author was very verbose with her descriptions and was “showing not telling” the reader what to see and feel, but that was easy to get used to since I believe this the author’s style of writing. Not to give away spoilers, but the ending felt very cut off.  Not to belittle Katherine’s ending, but I feel it could have been polished a little more.

So do I recommend this book for fans of fantasy stories? Yes I do. This is a great start to what will hopefully be an epic fantasy series. As I mentioned, the story, though awkward at points, is very enjoyable with enough action to keep your attention and enough drama to move things along. I’m still not sure how to feel about the ending, but it is a great start for a new author.

Katherine has planned to write 30 books for the series and I hope I can live long enough to read all of them. This series has a lot of potential and I would love to see how things turn out in the end.

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